Artist’s Statement

     My artwork magnifies the moments when our own higher power or higher selves reach out to us through nature. Oftentimes I find myself outdoors when the weather, trees or water seem to be demonstrating an act of good will; a nonverbal encouragement to transcend within life. While I do paint from photos at times, I have learned to pull from this transcendent energy to imagine and create depictions of nature. This will often yield a slightly abstract and colorful landscape where a cloud’s silver lining is a little brighter or a tree glows more golden in the sun.   As I grow with this approach the abstractions and exaggerations in shape and color evolve to better demonstrate an outreach from a higher plane of existence.  Working from blank canvas without a composition in mind feels replicant to the way that nature produces its beauty.  That feels like the most honest way for me to create art at this time.  

     Losing oneself to the rushes of inspiration when working from the subconscious creates a need to be grounded in reality.  I often produce meticulously rendered still life paintings as well.  This acts as an allowance to exercise composition, value and drawing in a controlled environment.  Vintage audio equipment, bicycles and other interests that I’ve spent my life enjoying often become the subjects of these works.  The commission process also allows me new and novel challenges to paint things less familiar.  I find great value in these still life works.  They are an anchor and tether for me to venture into painting something else that is wild.  I paint “things” so that I can later report the intangible.